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Tin Man Claims

Claim your peice of The O.Z.

The O.Z.
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Claim your peice of The O.Z.

Claim anything related to the TV Mini-Series "Tin Man";
characters, cast, crew, episodes, scenes, quotes, songs, etcetera

• You must join this community to be able to make a claim
• Each member can claim anything and everything, first in, first claim!
If a category you want to claim something from isn't listed, just include it with your claim and I will add it to the list
• Something may only be claimed once unless both parties agree to share
• Before claiming, make sure to check the claims list and backtrack the last few entries to see if what you want has been claimed since the last update of the list
• When claiming a quote add who says it
• When claiming a scene add the episode it was in
• Claims made in comments will be ignored
• All claims are final
• If you leave the community your claims will become available again to the other members of tin_man_claims
• If you change your username, tell me your old username, the new one, and what your claim(s) were
• I'd be great if you link back to the community after making a claim, but it's not obligated
• Post claims only! Any other posts ie. promoting of communities, fanart, etc. will not be tolerated

Click here to see the claims list


Make a comment here to be affiliated with this community or here to contact the moderator for any reason. Requests in a seperate post or a comment somewhere else in this journal will be ignored. Thank you ♥

AN: comm layout 'borrowed' from heroes_claims